Junior Staff Application

(applicants who will be going into 11th grade, 12th grade or entering college in Fall 2018)

Senior Staff Application

(applicants who are old enough to be entering their sophomore year of college in Fall 2018 – or older)


Briarwood is an eight week summer camp. Our junior and senior staff positions generally break down into the following three categories.

Bunk counselor

These are the staff members assigned to the various bunks. The bunk counselor travels with the bunk to the various activities, and is also the primary contact with campers’ parents.


These are the staff members who are at various activities. They teach or lead activities such as swimming, art or archery. At the various specialties, the specialists are assisted by bunk counselors.

Floaters a/k/a SUPERS (Super Utility Professionals for Every Reason)

These are staff members who sometimes act as bunk counselors and sometimes act as specialists. Their jobs will vary from day to day.