The Busy Bee program at Briarwood Day Camp is a fun, exciting, rewarding camp within a camp program especially for children ages three to five. Gradewise, our Busy Bees range from children who will be going into a three year old pre-school class after the summer to children who will be entering kindergarten after the summer.

Briarwood offers an invitingly warm environment, surrounded and led by a group of friendly, nurturing, and child centered individuals. With that child centered philosophy at our very core, the Busy Bee program provides and meets the appropriate developmental needs of our youngest children.

Our goals are many. With new and exciting challenges greeting the children daily, we begin by demonstrating and teaching the socialization skills needed for strong healthy growth. By the end of the summer, we will have strengthened self-confidence and leadership skills, producing appropriate young risk takers and independent thinkers. Everlasting friendships will evolve as well.

Our instructional program offers seven periods each day, in which professional and dedicated specialists will expand the athletic, artistic, and creative abilities of our children.