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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Camper on the climbing tower

Briarwood Bugle 2019 – Week 3

Mike & Matt


Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it as a pdf in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2019
Week 3

From Mike and Matt
Time flies when you are having fun . . .
We had another great week! Camp barreled along and the kids had a great time swimming, playing, painting, tie dying, Zoom Flooming and everything else!
And also—Lower Camp loved Spirit Week, the 2nd year CITs went to Hershey Park, we had an awesome mini campout for upper camp, the Busy Bees made delicious concoctions at cooking and, all around camp, you could see and hear bunks practicing their bunk shows.
We have a ton going on in the next few weeks—Lower Camp bunk shows, Upper Camp bunk shows, Halloween in July, Bring-A-Friend Days, the 2nd Annual and Extremely Beloved All Camp Gaga Tournament—plus all of our awesome, regularly scheduled program—art, sports, swimming, gymnastics, nature, rock wall and much, much more! Join us!


Tuesday July 16th 10:30am

Wednesday July 17th 10:30am

Friday July 19th!
Dance party to follow!

is coming!
August 2-4
For boys and girls 3rd grade and up!
Led by the wonderful and talented Jesse Marks and Sydney Sorkin
Papers went home— but let us know if you need another!
The Busy Bee Show is coming! The Busy Bee Show is coming! Tuesday, July 30 at 10:30 am. Briarwood’s cutest!!!

The Jubilant Jaguars By Nate Frankel
After only two weeks, it has become clear that the Jaguars are one of the best bunks in all of camp. It doesn’t matter what activity we are at or what sport we are playing, everybody always gives 100%. Hunter and Ben had fantastic catches which helped the Hilltopians to a league win in football. Jake is leading the bunk in wiffle ball home runs while Jared is looking like Jimmy Rollins at shortstop in softball. At nature Luke caught “The Bass” while Cole drained 3’s at basketball. James and Troy are some of the best all-around athletes in all of camp. CJ led his leagues team to victory with a stellar performance in softball. Aiden and Mikey set the record for the highest jump ever recorded on the jumper. With camp just starting, it won’t be long before the Jaguars take over as one of Briarwood’s most dominant bunks. With our great senior counselor Brandon Lloyd and excellent Super CIT CJ, it’s going to be an historic summer.

Growing up at Briarwood is something so special. We began as three year old Crickets and we are staff now! From meeting new friends to gaining life lessons and experiencing new things, Briarwood has been a forever home to us. When you’re just starting out at Briarwood, the wonder of it all may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but as time goes on, a comforting familiarity sets in. We know just how quickly the people at Briarwood become family. We still remember our favorite activities from when we were campers, and now that we are staff, seeing our own campers have just as much fun as we did is so amazing. Whether it’s learning your bunk show or going down the zip line for the first time, there is always something new to gain from coming to Briarwood. Without a doubt, Briarwood will always have a special place in our hearts.

Fabulous Flamingos and Orioles By Georgia Gobora & Hallie Newman
Wow! We can’t believe week 3 is already finished! The first grade girls consist of two awesome bunks, the Flamingos and the Orioles. We have so much fun together! The first grade girls are loving their time at Briarwood together. We have been busy dancing out hearts out in preparation for our bunk shows next week in addition to ziplining down the rock wall, sliding down the zoom floom and flipping in gymnastics. On top of that…the girls have caught tons of fish, hit a ton of holes in one and scored so many goals at soccer, we lost count! At swim, the first grade girls are flipping their fins and splashing up a storm in the pool. We are looking forward to an amazing rest of the summer, full of laughter and smiles with this great group of girls!
Lower Camp-Tuesday July 23rd
Upper Camp-Wednesday July 24th
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We return with profiles of more senior staff members at Briarwood Day Camp

KIRA CRAIN joins the Briarwood family as a senior counselor at Sports. Kira is a student at Penn State. Her favorite food is sushi and if she were an animal she would be a koala. People would be surprised to learn that Kira once shadowed a surgeon in Budapest, Hungary.

SORELLE SAX is celebrating her 11th summer at Briarwood Day Camp. Sorelle, a first year senior counselor of the CITs, is a student at Penn State during the off season. Sorelle’s favorite thing about Briarwood is all of the friendships she has made thought the years. Her favorite movies are the Parent Trap and A Star is Born.

RHYHEEM POWELL is a first year Super Utility Professional for Every Responsibility. Ryheem is a graduate of Susquehanna University, during the off season he plays rugby. If Ryheem could travel anywhere he would go to South Africa. People would be surprised to learn that Ryheem participated in synchronized swimming…twice!