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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Camper going up ropes course

Briarwood Bugle 2019 – Week 5

Mike & Matt


Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2019
Week 5

From Mike and Matt
It has been another amazing week at spectacularly awesome Briarwood Day Camp! Our All Camp Gaga Tournament was a hit. Bring-A-Friend Days were a success, the Briardome (mostly) held out, intercamp games were a lot of fun, the CITs had an awesome day at the beach, the Super CITs loved their 3 day adventure to Williamsburg and our “regular” camp stuff continued to amaze and astound! We ended the week with Goofy Day today and, well, it certainly earned its name!
Next week is the Busy Bee Show—always a crowd pleaser featuring Briarwood’s cutest! Carnival is next week, too. Should be fun! Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 30th

Thursday, August 1st
Ceramics Night
Friday, August 9th
3:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Sports Night
Friday, August 9th
3:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Briarwood Overnighter
August 2-4, 2019

Forms were sent home, they’re also online, let us know if you need another!

The Super CITs Storm Williamsburg By Dan Feldgus
Early Monday we headed South for what turned out to be 3 days of unabridged fun! Devyn, Paul, and I anticipated as much with this amazing group of campers, but the Supers exceeded all our lofty expectations. After arriving in Williamsburg, we checked into the hotel, dropped our bags, and headed straight for Busch Gardens. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. We rode everything and laughed our heads off when we weren’t screaming with excitement (and fear). We ended the night jumping in the pool at the hotel. Day two began with a light breakfast and an immediate bus ride to Water Country, USA. The clouds were rolling in but we got to do it all. We raced on mats, we were dropped down slides and we hung on rafts as we were hurled around, hysterically laughing the entire time. We made it through without any rain and had an amazing morning. We went back to the hotel after lunch, changed and went back to Busch Gardens to ride our favorite rides again. Later had a pizza party back at the hotel and then went to the movies. THAT WAS THE BEST DAY!! Before heading home, we took in the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and watched a cannon demonstration and learned about colonial life as well as the war. All of this was sandwiched between two van rides filled with singing, more laughs, and some great bonding. This trip. These Supers. Memories to last a lifetime. Huzzah!!

Who Let the Bulldogs Out by Stu Berman
The Bulldogs have been having a blast this summer. The transition into upper camp is a big one, but these dogs made it look all too easy. All activities, whether it’s sports, ceramics, boating, or the ever so loved gaga; the Bulldogs come into it with all the enthusiasm they have and make every period exciting. We are a competitive bunk, but at the end of every game, it’s all good sportsmanship and we know that we’re still friends. They took our concept for the bunk show and brought it to life, absolutely killing all the moves, and having fun while doing it. Lucas C., Dylan K. and Brody S. are our gaga champions. Sam D., Sy K. and Matthew P. throw missiles in dodgeball. Michael W. and Nick G. always have fun in the pool. Spencer B. and Asher L. reach new heights on the jumper. Sam B. and Matthew P. hit bombs in wiffle ball. Akaash H. scoops up ground balls at softball and Jahan H. hits moonshots. Abraham S. and Ben M. give their full effort at every single activity. Logan F. is a knockout pro and Alex P. exposes the defense in football. With these boys, every day is a new adventure, and it’s shaping up to be one great summer.

Busy Bee-Margot C.
Lower Camp-Zac S.
Upper Camp-Declan C.
Senior Camp-Hunter K.
The Dazzling Doves by Lily Goldberg
The shortage of croutons can only mean on thing, the Doves are dominating Briarwood! We have been having the best summer and are enjoying every activity! Ava and Rylie could spend all day going down the zipline at rockwall. You can find Olivia and Maddie serving and scoring so many points at newcomb. After a sweaty game of newcomb, we love to go cool off at the pool where you can find Jules perfecting her skills. Each week we hear lots of laughter from Lucy as she flies down the zoomfloom. Isla never misses a goal at soccer on the upper field and Ella hits only homeruns at wiffle ball. Baydra is fun and flexible at gymnastics. Cate in on her way to the WNBA as she never misses on the basketball court. Mollie has been preparing to give it her all on the drama stage and we can’t wait to see her perform in Cinderella! All of the Doves love our CITs Allie and Maddy and our Super CIT Shayna. The summer is flying by, but we are not quite finished with all of our laughter and memories.
We return with profiles of more senior staff members at Briarwood Day Camp

BILL RHEE joins the Briarwood Day Camp family as a senior counselor at boating. Bill, a graduate of Temple University, loves the friendly staff at Briarwood. Bill’s favorite food is chicken tenders. If he could go anywhere in the world he would travel to Japan.
HANNA WALENTUKONIS is a first year Super Utility Professional for Every Responsibility. During the off season, Hanna is a student at Penn State University. Hanna’s favorite tv show is The Office. People would be surprised to learn that Hannna was once bitten by a poisonous spider!