Briarwood Bugle 2021-Week 2

Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2021

Week 2

From Mike and Matt
“We the People, in order to write a more perfect Bugle . . .” We had another great (and steamy!) week this week, with art and sports and swimming and leagues and gaga and Briarwood’s First Annual Semi-Invitational Mini Golf Tournament, (ed. note: everyone was actually invited—we just thought it was a funny name), bunk show practice and on and on.  What a gift it is for us to be able to see the smiles and hear the splashing and laughter every day.

We’ve got lots more on tap for next week. In addition to our regular spectacularness, Briarwood Sets a Record Week, CIT movie night, we’ve got a new round of bunk choice period, Wednesday Themeday and much, much more!  Join us!   And if we can editorialize for a moment, we are very lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  DON’T FORGET WE ARE CLOSED ON MONDAY, JULY 5th. Have a great weekend!

Notes from the Lifeguard Chair by Rob Resnick, Briarwood Pool Director

Greetings from the pool staff!  Camp is off to a great start and our campers are improving rapidly.  Water safety is a major part of what we do at Briarwood and our lifeguards here have more than 80 years experience lifeguarding here (yes, seriously).  We get a lot of questions about deep water testing for kids as well as some other items so we thought we’d write a quick note here.

* Lower pool deep water testing requires treading water for one minute, front crawl 15 yards, back crawl 15 yards, jump in and swim under water 15 yards.

* At the upper pool, due to the depth of the water, you must be Level 3 or higher to swim in the deep water.

* No snorkel goggles at free swim.

* We know some campers complain about instructional swim.  Parents, please encourage your camper to keep trying.  It’s an important life skill and we’ve been teaching it well for years!


• If you want to reach your camper’s counselor during the camp day, call the office at 215-598-7143 and we will gladly relay your message. Please do not TEXT or CALL your child’s counselor directly during the camp day. Our counselors are busy watching children and we have asked them not to check their phones during the day.

• Early and Late Care is available from 7:30 am—6:00 pm sharp. Please call the office if you will need this service.

•Please make sure your campers has extra masks at camp. Masks sometimes break or get dirty or lost during the day.

•While it never rains at Briarwood, in the event of a passing shower, please send your camper with the appropriate rain gear should the forecast call for rain.

• Apply sunscreen daily prior to coming to camp.

• Please label all clothing and personal items. That said — and because we know
kids — our Lost and Found is located by the Sports Center on Upper Field.


JAREN COLEMAN joins the Briarwood family as senior counselor of the Cobras. Jaren, a student a Penn State University, is studying Kinesiology. If Jaren could go anywhere in the world, he would travel to Puerto Rico. Jaren enjoys being outside all day at Briarwood. His favorite food is pizza. If Jaren were an animal he would be a dog.

JULIA LUCAS is enjoying her first summer at Briarwood as a senior counselor at sports. During the off season Julia is a student at Fairfield University. Julia’s favorite food is sushi. People would be surprised to learn that Julia HATES chocolate!

SYDNEY ROBERTS is celebrating her 14th summer at Briarwood Day Camp and her first summer as a senior counselor. Sydney can be found leading the Gazelles as they prance all around camp. During the off season Sydney is a student at West Chester University. Sydney’s favorite thing about Briarwood is Color War. People would be surprised to learn that Sydney can juggle!

LAUREN PALMER is loving her first summer at Briarwood. Lauren can be found in the ceramic room or gymnastics helping our campers channel their creativity in awesome ways. Lauren, a student at the University of Pittsburgh, loves meeting new people at camp. If she were an animal, Lauren would be an hamster. Lauren’s favorite food is penne vodka. People might not know that Lauren played numerous sports growing up.

LINDSAY TAMMARO is loving her first summer at Briarwood as co senior counselor of the Owls. Lindsay, a student at Miami University of Ohio, loves seeing her campers’ smiling faces every day. Lindsay’s favorite movie is any in the Harry Potter Franchise. If she were an animal Lindsay would be a golden retriever. If Lindsay could travel anywhere in the world she would visit Japan. Lindsay is studying to be a physician’s assistant in dermatology.

AMY TERLECKI joins the Briarwood Day Camp staff as one of our amazing and fantastic nurses. Amy actually attended Briarwood as a child. Amy is mom to 3 Briarwood campers. Her favorite thing about camp is watching the kids have the best time of their lives. Amy is a graduate of Ithaca College and New York University. In her spare time Amy loves to sew.

The Brilliant Bulldogs By, Jack Sorkin

“Hungry dogs run faster.” That is the motto for the Bulldogs this summer. After such a difficult year, these kids are hungry for a great summer and they won’t let anything stop them. Austin, Hudson, and Aidan all showed off their bravery by being some of our first campers to climb the rock wall and go down the zipline. Landon showed his catching ability in our first game of kickball, and Brandon plus Daniel displayed their skill by making impressive catches in our game of flag football. Ethan demonstrates strength and accuracy with his throws in dodgeball. Brady, Braeden, Zach, and Addison all are taking over the gaga court in a dominating fashion. Declan is showing strong determination to become better in the swimming pool. Miles, Evan, and Jason all showed off their great skill on the minigolf course. Preston and Tyler both have displayed amazing kindness and confidence in their first week at camp. Myself, Jake, and Will are very proud of what these boys have shown us so far, and we can’t wait to see what else they can do. These Bulldogs are hungry, so you better be on the lookout for them all summer long!

Senior Staff:
Jim Waltz

Junior Staff:
C.J. Horan

Camp will be CLOSED on Monday, July 5th! Enjoy your holiday!

Important Dates

•July 5th-Happy 4th of July! Camp Closed

•July 6th-8th-Briarwood Set a Record Week#1

•July 7th-Wednesday Themeday Red, White and Blue Day

•July 8th-CIT/Super CIT Movie Night

•July 13th-Lower Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 14th-Upper Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 14th-Wednesday Themeday Crazy Hat Day

•July 16th-Halloween in July

•July 19th-Second Half Begins>

•July 19th-23rd-Briarwood Fishing Derby

•July 21st-Wednesday Themeday Hawaiian/Tropical Day

•July 22nd-Make up Picture Day

•July 23rd-Goofy Day

•July 26th-Gaga Tournament Week

•July 27h-Busy Bee Show and Breakfast

•July 28th-Busy Bee Show Rain Date, Wednesday Themeday-Sports Jersey Day

•July 29th-Carnival

•August 3rd-Mystery Day

•August 4th-Wednesday Themeday Wacky Socks Day

•August 9th-Briarwood Birthday Celebration

•August 10th Tie Dye Tuesday

•August 11th-Wednesday Themeday-Disney/Marvel Day

•August 12th-CIT/Super CIT Dance

•August 13th-Last Day of camp early dismissal at 2:30