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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.

Briarwood Bugle 2022-Week 1

Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2022
Week 1

From Mike and Matt
Hellooooo everybody! Briarwood is back and better than ever! And we couldn’t be happier. Camp is already in full swing. It is wonderful to walk around camp and see so many kids playing and smiling and laughing and enjoying their friends and counselors. The Busy Bees are swarming all over camp and, if you listen closely, you can hear many of the older bunks beginning to practice their bunk shows. Fun stuff!
Leagues started and we’ve had some fun contests as well. And Senior Camp games of West Chester Volleyball have been epic. Next week we’ve got lots more fun stuff planned. The Second Annual Briarwood Fishing Derby, Wednesday Themeday—School Spirit Day and more! We’ll send home bunk schedules, too. Have a great weekend. Let’s do it all again next week!!

Hey, we realize that things can still be a little strange out in the world. Week 1 exceeded our expectations in getting back to our Briarwood awesomeness. We wanted to say THANK YOU to our campers, our staff and our camp families for being so understanding about the steps we’re taking to make camp SAFE and FUN in light of the public health situation. Bottom line: we are outside, we are active, we are smiling and we are together. And we couldn’t be happier.

• If you want to reach your camper’s counselor during the camp day, call the office at 215-598-7143 and we will gladly relay your message. Please do not TEXT or CALL your child’s counselor directly during the camp day. Our counselors are busy watching children and we have asked them not to check their phones during the day.
• Early and Late Care is available from 7:30 am—6:00 pm sharp. Please call the office if you will need this service.
• While it never rains at Briarwood, in the event of a passing shower, please send your camper with the appropriate rain gear should the forecast call for rain.
• Apply sunscreen daily prior to coming to camp.
• Please label all clothing and personal items. That said — and because we know
kids — our Lost and Found is located by the Sports Center on Upper Field.


Buzzing All Day Long – Anne Witkin, Associate Director, and Busy Bee Director: Nothing is better than hearing kids laughing, seeing smiling faces, and watching kids tackle new challenges each day. Our Busy Bees have a BIG presence around camp. In fact, the opportunities to participate in almost every activity that our older kids do, provides our little ones with a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Of course, each skill is taught on an appropriate developmental level, and it sets the foundation to go in one direction. Up. From swimming to tennis to drama and so much more, our camp day is full of positive experiences. Let’s not forget all the fun events! Whether a camper is age three or age fifteen, the blue and gold will compete during Color War. Costumes will be worn during Halloween in July, and the Gaga tournament will be a huge deal. Our brand-new Gaga court on the Busy Bee playground will be where the Bees battle it out for their divisional championship. The Bees are always so adorable, and their show, week six, will have the cute meter at an all-time high. I have had the distinct privilege of watching our Busy Bees grow to be CITs over many many years, and in recent years children of Briarwood alumnae are BEECOMING Busy Bees. Proud of our Briarwood community is an understatement, and I am looking forward to another fantastic summer.

Hooray for Lower Camp Girls! By Jeri Newman, Lower Camp Girls Supervisor: I am beyond thrilled to be back at camp this summer! It makes me so happy to see our lower girls bunks playing and laughing together, enjoying the teamwork of sports, and creativity of art, and just being kids! The counselors are smiling and laughing as well while playing right alongside the girls! While in lower camp the girls will be able to explore their different interests during clubs! Halloween in July is always a camper favorite as are the bunk shows! They have already been planning their bunk show dances! I know they can’t wait to make s’mores in nature and bounce on the jumper! This year we are adding something new with our Lower Girls Relays! Can’t wait to see the girls cheer for each other! I can feel the excitement from the campers and their counselors to be back outdoors and with their friends. This summer will be the fifth summer that my daughters and I have been able to call Briarwood our summer home away from home. As always it will be a summer to remember!

Lower Camp Boys Rule! By Dave Woods, Lower Camp Supervisor: “We Love Briarwood! The Fun, The Sun, The Friends!” Ready, Set, Go! Briarwood Day Camp is the place to be, and the Lower Boys groups are gearing up for another stupendous summer. From ceramics and basketball to the rock wall, jumper, and softball, the activities are endless. With 30 acres of unplugged fun in the sun, the campers will be coming home rarin’ for more! For the summer of 2022, club period offerings are back as an extraordinary way for campers to take advantage and enjoy a diverse selection of activities. All in all, this summer will elicit many memories and experiences with a true sense of camaraderie; not just for lower camp boys, but for everyone! “We Laugh, We Play, We Swim…And Then We Do It All Again!”

2022 Is Going To Be the Best Year on The Hill ever! By Spencer Glass, The Hill Supervisor (Upper Camp Boys): The Hill is the residence of Briarwood’s older boys from grades 4 through 7. We are all so excited to be returning to our usual format of Leagues, Color War, Bunk Shows our standout games and activities as well. There will be some great new things this year including the Hill Complex. Our staff is Briarwood born, meaning almost every counselor and junior counselor has been a camper for many years before becoming staff. No one knows Briarwood better than these young men. They will be guiding your sons to the most exciting summer ever. Stay tuned to this Bugle for more exciting goings-on as our summer progresses!

Upper Camp Girls Rock! By Melissa Berkowitz, Upper Camp Girls Supervisor: Briarwood Day Camp has been my happy place for myself and my own children for the past 9 summers. I am very much looking forward to meeting all the girls who may be experiencing the Briarwood magic for the first time, in addition to seeing all of the returning campers. Upper Camp has so much to offer our amazing 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th graders! All upper camp girls will share such an unforgettable experience. From bunk shows and senior leagues, to Gaga and ceramics, upper campers are always ready to try something new, like Clubs! Our Club Period is when each camper can try a different activity of their choice each week. Overall, memories and friendships will be made at Briarwood to last a lifetime! I am ready to make Summer 2022 the best!

WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR SENIOR CAMP!! By Dan Feldgus: Senior Camp is almost bursting with smiling 8th, 9th and 10th graders and we were so happy to welcome them home. We are also extremely excited that this summer we will be able to work with younger bunks on a daily basis, enjoy the full slate of amazing Briarwood activities, AND get out of camp a bit and enjoy what only Senior Campers get-TRIPS! Frankly, there is no better way to spend a summer! Paul, Sorelle, Makenzie, Max, and I are overjoyed to be back to camp and having fun with our kids!!

Got Games? By Ben Smith: We’ve got games! I have been a part of the sports group here at Briarwood for the past eight summers. This is my second summer as Athletic Director. The sports staff are an amazing team that will bring lots of fun and excitement to each camper’s time at Briarwood this summer. We not only specialize in traditional sports, but the campers will experience plenty of unique and innovative games they may not already be familiar with. Even though sports can be competitive, we emphasize fun and teamwork is always encouraged. We are excited for the summer and looking forward to seeing all of the campers for some summer fun!

Superb Specialists by Rachael Feldgus, Specialists Supervisor: I am so excited that it is summer and that we are back at Briarwood! I am thrilled to be starting my 16th summer here at Briarwood and returning to my role as Specialists Supervisor. It is so great to walk around camp each day and see the kids playing, laughing, and having fun with their friends. Whether you are climbing the rock wall, creating masterpieces in art or ceramics, fishing at nature, practicing your swim strokes, learning new tricks in gymnastics, or playing sports in the fields, you are sure to be having the time of your life. Our specialists help to guide and teach our kids at their activities each and every day. It’s wonderful to see the connections made between the kids and their specialists. Here’s to a great summer ahead!

by Carmen Blum, R.N. and Amy Terlecki, R.N.
Hello! What a great first week at Briarwood! Let’s go over a few summer safety tips for our campers:
• DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN! Apply in the morning and throughout the day.
• If it’s okay with Mom and Dad, apply some insect repellent on the lower legs and exposed arms.
• Let’s stay hydrated! Start drinking water before you get to camp.
• Wear sneakers or closed toe shoes around camp. Flip-flops are for the pool areas only.
• Did we mention, NO RUNNING in flip-flops?
• Parents—we need your camper’s health forms so we can best care for your child.
Any questions or concerns, call camp and ask to speak with us, Nurse Carmen and Nurse Amy at 215-598-7143.

Senior Staff:
Bryce Sweeney

Junior Staff:
Breanna Kimmelman

One of the great things about Briarwood is that our lower, upper and senior campers get to choose an elective (we call them clubs) each week. Clubs meet first period every day and it gives our kids a chance to try new things or to dig deeper into things they like. We’ll be starting clubs next week. Some campers try a different club every week. Some stick with the same activity all summer. Both ways are great! While most clubs end each week, a few like Drama (because we’ll be doing a show) or Ceramics (because the projects take more time) last longer.

Camp will be CLOSED on Monday, July 4th! Enjoy your holiday!

Important Dates

    •Week of June 27th-Briarwood Fishing Derby

    •June 29th-Wednesday Themeday School Spirit Dat

    •July 1st to-Red White and Blue Day

    •July 4th-Happy 4th of July! Camp Closed

    •July 5th-8th-GAGA Tournament

    •July 6th-Wednesday Themeday Crazy Hat Day

    •July 8th-Wack Socks Day

    •July 12th-Lower Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

    •July 13th-Upper Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

    •July 13th-Wednesday Themeday Disney/Marvel Day

    •July 15th-Halloween in July

    •July 18th-Second Half Begins>
    •July 18th-22nd-Briarwood Mini Golf Semi-Invitational Tournament

    •July 20th-Wednesday Themeday Hawaiian/Tropical Day

    •July 21st-Make up Picture Day

    •July 22nd-Goofy Day

    •July 26h-Busy Bee Show and Breakfast

    •July 27th-Busy Bee Show Rain Date, Wednesday Themeday-Sports Jersey Day

    •July 28th-Carnival

    •August 2nd-Mystery Day

    •August 8th-Briarwood Birthday Celebration

    •August 9th Tie Dye Tuesday

    •August 10th-Wednesday Themeday-Briarwood Spirit Day

    •August 11th-CIT/Super CIT Dance

    •August 12th-Last Day of camp early dismissal at 2:30