Briarwood Bugle 2022-Week 2



Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2022
Week 2

From Mike and Matt

“We the People, in order to write a more perfect Bugle . . .”
We had another great (and progressively steamy!) week this week, with art and sports and swimming and leagues and gaga and Briarwood’s Fishing Derby and bunk show practice and on and on. What a gift it is for us to be able to see the smiles and hear the splashing and laughter every day.

We’ve got lots more on tap for next week. In addition to our regular spectacularness, Briarwood’s Gaga Tournament, 2nd year CIT trip to Hershey Park, Super CIT trip tubing down the Delaware, Wednesday Themeday, Crazy Hat Day and much, much more! Join us! And if we can editorialize for a moment, we are very lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. DON’T FORGET WE ARE CLOSED ON MONDAY, JULY 4th. Have a great weekend!

Notes from the Lifeguard Chair by Rob Resnick

Greetings from the pool staff! Camp is off to a great start and our campers are improving rapidly. Water safety is a major part of what we do at Briarwood and our lifeguards here have more than 80 years experience lifeguarding here (yes, seriously). We get a lot of questions about deep water testing for kids as well as some other items so we thought we’d write a quick note here.

•Lower pool deep water testing requires treading water for one minute, front crawl 15 yards, back crawl 15 yards, jump in and swim under water 15 yards.

•At the upper pool, due to the depth of the water, you must be Level 3 or higher to swim in the deep water.

•No snorkel goggles at free swim.

We know some campers complain about instructional swim. Parents, please encourage your camper to keep trying. It’s an important life skill and we’ve been teaching it well



• If you want to reach your camper’s counselor during the camp day, call the office at 215-598-7143 and we will gladly relay your message. Please do not TEXT or CALL your child’s counselor directly during the camp day. Our counselors are busy watching children and we have asked them not to check their phones during the day.
• Early and Late Care is available from 7:30 am—6:00 pm sharp. Please call the office if you will need this service.
• While it never rains at Briarwood, in the event of a passing shower, please send your camper with the appropriate rain gear should the forecast call for rain.
• Apply sunscreen daily prior to coming to camp.
• Please label all clothing and personal items. That said — and because we know
kids — our Lost and Found is located by the Sports Center on Upper Field.


Meet the NEW Briarwood Staff for 2022

BRETT BERMAN joins the Briarwood family as senior counselor at Tennis. Brett, a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, takes care of his kids during the off season. Brett’s favorite thing about Briarwood is the positive energy. If he were an animal he would be a dog. People would be surprised to learn that Brett is a great baker. If Brett could travel anywhere in the world, he would go to Hawaii.

EMMA COOPER is having a great summer at Briarwood as a senior counselor at sports. Emma is a student at Monmouth University and coaches softball. Emma’s favorite food are bananas. Her favorite movie is Brave. If Emma could travel anywhere in the world she would travel to the UK countryside. People would be surprised to learn that Emma can speak a second language.

ASHLEY KELLY joins the Briarwood family as a Senior Counselor. This week Ashley can be found helping with masterpieces in the art room. Ashley attended the University of Wollongong in Australia. Ashley has two boys who are loving their first summer at camp. During the off season, Ashley is studying photography. Ashley’s favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy. The last book Ashley read was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss! A classic!

JORDYN MARCHINCIN is also an amazing new Senior Counselor. Jordyn, a student at Syracuse University, loves how friendly everyone is at Briarwood Day Camp. Her favorite food at camp is Pierogies. Jordyn’s favorite tv show is Stranger Things and her favorite movie is Back to the Future. If Jordyn could travel anywhere in the world she would go to Rome, Italy.

AVARY SMITH joins the Briarwood staff splitting her time between gymnastics and art. During the off season she is a student at Virginia Wesleyan University. She enjoys spending time at Virginia Beach while she is at school. Her favorite thing about Briarwood is the big smiles she sees on the faces of the campers everyday. Avary’s favorite foods are onion rings and fried pickles. Her favorite TV show is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If Avary were an animal she would be an elephant.

The Outstanding Otters! By Dave Woods

The 2022 Otters are a fabulous, fun-loving, and fantastic group of five and six-year-old fellas. Let’s get started by taking a tour around Briarwood which will highlight some of the Otters’ most extraordinary experiences this summer. In the pool, Sammy and Preston have been working hard to hone their aquatic skills. While visiting the Gaga pit, one may notice the Otters cheering on both Derrek and Holden competing for the top prize among all lower camp kids. Heading over to the rock wall and ropes course, our otter-ly awesome bunk mates Connor and Leo never cease to amaze when climbing to the top of the wall and flying down the zipline. Dillon and Macray loved playing dodgeball the other day against our friends from the Sharks. If soccer is what you crave, then you will surely be inspired by Lucas’s hustle and talent on the pitch. Did I mention how William and Hugh possess the focus and skill over at Briarwood’s mini-golf course? Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that all of this would not be possible without the tremendous support of JC Shawn, along with CITs Alex, Brody, and Finley. Here’s to another stupendous six weeks of fun in the sun!

Important Dates

•July 4th-Happy 4th of July! Camp Closed
•July 5th-8th-GAGA Tournament

•July 6th-Wednesday Themeday Crazy Hat Day, 2nd Year CIT Trip to Hershey
•July 8th-Wack Socks Day, Super CIT Tubing Trip

•July 12th-Lower Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 13th-Upper Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 13th-Wednesday Themeday Disney/Marvel Day

•July 15th-Halloween in July

•July 18th-Second Half Begins, Super CIT Trip to Hershey/Sleepover/Belmar•July 18th-22nd-Briarwood Mini Golf Semi-Invitational Tournament•July 20th-Wednesday Themeday Hawaiian/Tropical Day

•July 21st-Make up Picture Day, 1st Year CIT Mini Golf Trip

•July 22nd-Goofy Day

•July 26h-Busy Bee Show and Breakfast

•July 27th-Busy Bee Show Rain Date, Wednesday Themeday-Sports Jersey Day

•July 28th-Carnival

•August 2nd-Mystery Day

•August 8th-Briarwood Birthday Celebration

•August 9th Tie Dye Tuesday

•August 10th-Wednesday Themeday-Briarwood Spirit Day

•August 11th-CIT/Super CIT Dance

•August 12th-Last Day of camp early dismissal at 2:30