We are now enrolling for 2024 Click here for dates and rates.
We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.

Briarwood Bugle 2022-Week 3

Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos  here

Briarwood Bugle 2022 Week 3

From Mike and Matt

Time flies when you are having fun . . .

We had another great week!  Camp barreled along and the kids had a great time swimming, playing, painting, gimping, Zoom Flooming and everything else!

And also—Wednesday Themeday was Crazy Hat Day , the 2nd Year CITs went to Hershey Park, the Super CITs went tubing, tie dye at nature, the Busy Bees watched flowers bloom at the Busy Bee Garden, we had our EPIC Gaga Tournament Week, and all around camp, you could see and hear bunks practicing their bunk shows.

We have a ton going on in the next few weeks—Lower Camp Bunk Shows, Upper Camp Bunk Shows, Halloween in July, Goofy Day, The Briarwood Semi-Invitational Mini Golf Tournament (actually everyone is invited)—plus all of our awesome, regularly scheduled program—art, sports, swimming, gymnastics, nature, rock wall and much, much more!




Tuesday July 12th 10:30am


Wednesday July 13th 10:30am


Friday July 15th!


IT’s a boo-tiful time!

Buddies! By Melissa Berkowitz

There is something new and exciting happening this year here at Briarwood Day Camp.  We started a Buddy Program with some of our lower girls and upper girls bunks.  This program pairs an older bunk (Big Buddy) with a younger bunk (Little Buddy).  Our big buddies will serve as mentors/role models for the younger campers.  The little buddies learn from older campers. This is a great way to get to know new friends in different divisions, work as a team and have an even better, fuller Briarwood experience!

Bees Buzz Around Camp! by Anne Witkin

It is hard to believe that we just ended our 3rd week of camp. The kids have their routines down flat and are thriving at their activities. Briarwoods outstanding swim instructors have the little ones floating on their backs and putting their once hesitant heads under water. They make swimming fun and safe. I have enjoyed watching the Busy Bees climb our rock wall and zipline through the Briarwood air, swish down the zoom floom, score a goal at soccer, and pretend to be pirates in our very own pirate ship. And you should see our amazing gaga players! Zinnia and Pumpkin seeds were planted during gardening and kids have been captivated and engaged learning about butterflies in science. We have so much more to do! The Bees are practicing for their big show and looking forward to so many upcoming events. Halloween in July is next week, then Carnival. The fun NEVER stops!



We return with profiles of more senior staff members at Briarwood Day Camp

EMILY LEAHY joins the Briarwood family as senior counselor of the Bumblebees. Emily, a student at St. Joseph’s University, plays lacrosse and field hockey during the off season. Her favorite thing about Briarwood is her amazing bunk, the Bumblebees, they show up everyday with a smile and tons of excitement. Emily’s favorite tv show is Vampire Diaries. People would be surprised to learn that she has been to Alaska!

SORELLE SAX is celebrating her 14th summer at Briarwood Day Camp. Sorelle began making Briarwood her summer home as a camper in the Owl bunk with counselor Rachael Feldgus. Sorelle, a recent Penn State graduate, (and valedictorian!) will be pursuing her Master’s degree in the off season. In addition to her job as a graduate student, Sorelle is a registered behavior technician. Sorelle’s favorite thing about Briarwood is the lifelong friendships she has made over the years. If Sorelle were an animal she would be a kitten. If she could travel anywhere in the world, Sorelle would travel to the Maldives.

LUKAS WOLKENSTEIN joins the Briarwood family has a senior counselor at sports. Lukas attends Florida Gulf Coast University. Lukas enjoys spending time with his friends and playing video games. His favorite thing about Briarwood is the fact that everyone is so inclusive and loves to have fun. Lukas’s favorite movie is Interstellar. The last book he read was his calculus textbook. If Lukas could travel anywhere in the world he would go to Italy. People would be surprised to learn that Lukas is a dual citizen to the UK.

BROOKE FISCHER makes her triumphant return to Briarwood Day Camp as senior counselor (along with Emily Leahy) of the Bumblebees. During the off season Brooke is a student at Penn State University. Brooke began making Briarwood her summer home for 8 summers, she was a 9 year old Owl when she started. Her favorite thing to do at Briarwood is play knockout at center court. Brooke’s favorite food is sushi and her favorite tv show is The Good Doctor. If she were an animal, Brooke would be a dog. People would be surprised to learn that Brooke is left handed!

SOPHIA LEVY has been making Briarwood her summer home for 15 seasons. Sophia, a student at Penn State University, works at a local pizzeria and spends time with her dog when she is not at camp. Sophia’s favorite thing about Briarwood is seeing everyone’s smiling faces when she comes to camp. Her favorite food is pasta and favorite tv show is Friends. If she could travel anywhere in the world, Sophia would go to Paris, France. People would be surprised to learn that she did not pass the deep water test until she was in 4th grade. But she kept trying and perseverance pays off!

Important Dates
•July 12th-Lower Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 13th-Upper Camp Bunk Show at 10:30 am

•July 13th-Wednesday Themeday Disney/Marvel Day

•July 15th-Halloween in July

•July 18th-Second Half Begins

•July 18th-22nd-Briarwood Mini Golf Semi-Invitational Tournament

•July 20th-Wednesday Themeday Hawaiian/Tropical Day

•July 21st-Make up Picture Day

•July 22nd-Goofy Day

•July 25th-CIT/Super CIT Beach

•July 26h-Busy Bee Show and Breakfast

•July 27th-Busy Bee Show Rain Date, Wednesday Themeday-Sports Jersey Day

•July 28th-Carnival

•August 2nd-Mystery Day

•August 8th-Briarwood Birthday Celebration

•August 9th Tie Dye Tuesday

•August 10th-Wednesday Themeday-Briarwood Spirit Day

•August 10th-CIT/Super CIT Dance

•August 11th-CIT/Super CIT Dorney Park

•August 12th-Last Day of camp early dismissal at 2:30