Briarwood Bugle 2022-Week 4

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Briarwood Bugle 2022
Week 3

From Mike and Matt
Can you believe that camp is halfway done? We sure can’t! We had another amazing week—lower and upper camp bunk shows (great dancing and even better smiles), Halloween in July (fantastic costumes!), Wednesday Themeday-Disney/Marvel Day, tie dying and much more.
We’ve got more amazingness next week– Super CIT Hershey/beach trip, 1st year CITs go mini golfing , Goofy Day and Briarwood’s 2nd Annual and Totally Amazing and Fun Semi-Invitational Mini Golf Tournament! And still to come: Busy Bee Show, Carnival, Color War, Mystery Day, the list goes on and on….
Can’t wait!
And on another note, we wanted to say thank you to our camp families and staff. We’ve made it this far thanks to your thoughtfulness, dedication and understanding. We appreciate everything!

Bulldogs! By Evan Bernstein
The Bulldogs had an exciting time at camp this week. We started off at kickball, where everyone contributed on offense and defense in a big way. Then we moved on to nature where we caught sunfish and turtles. Next it was on to basketball where we played knockout and practiced throwing frisbees into hoops. We also played wiffle ball where every player had a hit and contributed to making an out in the field. After that we moved on to instructional swim where we learned how to dive and practiced treading water. Finally, we played dodgeball where multiple campers were able to hit the cross bar and get their team back in the game. And Bunk Shows! We’re so excited to see what next week has in store for us!


Senior Staff: Nate Frankel
Junior Staff: Jenna Garber


Busy Bee Science and Gardening, by Liz Arteaga

The Busy Bees are having so much fun exploring and learning every day! We have learned about some of the bones in our bodies and made skeletons using Q-tips to represent the bones we discussed. The Bees enjoyed making crafty windsocks after lesson on wind. Beautiful butterflies were made after enjoying the story Charlie the Caterpillar. The Busy Bees learned about measurements and had a blast measuring how tall we are with chalk. After putting ourselves in height order, it was super cool to see everyone’s reactions. All this fun in just the first four weeks!! The 2022 Busy Bees are so smart and soak up everything like little sponges! They are learning and growing. And about growing… our seeds and flowers at our Busy Bee Garden are taking root. We can’t wait to see what blooms in our next four weeks together!!

• If you want to reach your camper’s counselor during the camp day, call the office at 215-598-7143 and we will gladly relay your message. Please do not TEXT or CALL your child’s counselor directly during the camp day. Our counselors are busy watching children and we have asked them not to check their phones during the day.
• Early and Late Care is available from 7:30 am—6:00 pm sharp. Please call the office if you will need this service.
• While it never rains at Briarwood, in the event of a passing shower, please send your camper with the appropriate rain gear should the forecast call for rain.
• Apply sunscreen daily prior to coming to camp.
• Please label all clothing and personal items. That said — and because we know
kids — our Lost and Found is located by the Sports Center on Upper Field.


We return with profiles of more senior staff members at Briarwood Day Camp

JENNA BARINGER joins the Briarwood family as an assistant counselor of the Penguins. During the off season, Jenna attends Northampton Community College. In her free time, she likes to go to the gym and hang out with her friends and family. Jenna loves the sports, nature, and most of all the kids at Briarwood. If she could travel anywhere in the world, Jenna would go to Tennessee.

BRYCE SWEENEY is a first-year senior counselor of the Hawks. Bryce, a past Counselor of the Week and known for his distinctive Hawaiian fashion style, is celebrating his 10th summer at Briarwood Day Camp. During the off season, Bryce attends Bucks County Community College. Bryce’s favorite thing about Briarwood is the jumper. His favorite movie star Leonardo DiCaprio. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Briarwood!

JENNIFER LIBERATO joins the Briarwood team as senior counselor at Drama. During the off season, Jen teaches middle school Spanish. Jen has three daughters who are loving their first summer at Briarwood. Her favorite thing about camp so far has been seeing all the bunks practicing their routines for the bunk show. She also enjoyed helping with the choreography as well. Jen’s favorite movie is Pretty in Pink. People would be surprised to learn that she enjoys snowboarding and skydiving!

♫ Learn the Briarwood Song! ♫ We’ll sing it at camp!
Important Dates
•July 18th-Second Half Begins, Super CIT Trip to Hershey/Sleepover/Belmar Beach
•July 18th-22nd-Briarwood Mini Golf Semi-Invitational Tournament
•July 20th-Wednesday Themeday Hawaiian/Tropical Day
•July 21st-Make up Picture Day, 1st year CIT mini golf trip
•July 22nd-Goofy Day
•July 25th-CIT/Super CIT Beach
•July 26h-Busy Bee Show and Breakfast
•July 27th-Busy Bee Show Rain Date, Wednesday Themeday-Sports Jersey Day
•July 28th-Carnival
•August 2nd-Mystery Day
•August 8th-Briarwood Birthday Celebration
•August 9th- Tie Dye Tuesday
•August 10th-Wednesday Themeday-Briarwood Spirit Day, Senior Camp Dance
•August 11th -Senior Camp trip to Dorney Park
•August 12th-Last day of camp, early dismissal at 2:30 pm, no aftercare
•August 10th-CIT/Super CIT Dance
•August 11th-CIT/Super CIT Dorney Park
•August 12th-Last Day of camp early dismissal at 2:30