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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
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Briarwood Bugle 2019- Week 2

Mike & Matt


Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in glorious color and with photos here.

Briarwood Bugle 2019
Week 2

From Mike and Matt
“We the People, in order to write a more perfect Bugle . . .”
We had another great (and steamy!) week this week, with art and sports and swimming and leagues and gaga and Olympics and bunk show practice and trips (Lincoln Financial Field! Dorney Park!) and on and on. What a gift it is for us to be able to see the smiles and hear the splashing and laughter every day.
We’ve got lots more on tap for next week. In addition to our regular spectacularness, the second year CITs go overnight to Hershey, the Super CITs go to the beach, we’ve got a new round of clubs, mini campouts begin, Lower Camp Spirit Week, Upper Camp intercamp sports and much much more! Join us! And if we can editorialize for a moment, we are very lucky to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Have a great weekend!

Notes from the Lifeguard Chair by Rob Resnick, Briarwood Pool Director

Greetings from the pool staff! Camp is off to a great start and our campers are improving rapidly. Water safety is a major part of what we do at Briarwood and our lifeguards here have more than 80 years experience lifeguarding here (yes, seriously). We get a lot of questions about deep water testing for kids as well as some other items so we thought we’d write a quick note here.

 Lower pool deep water testing requires treading water for one minute, front crawl 15 yards, back crawl 15 yards, jump in and swim under water 15 yards.

 At the upper pool, due to the depth of the water, you must be Level 3 or higher to swim in the deep water.

 No snorkel goggles at free swim.

 We know some campers complain about instructional swim. Parents, please encourage your camper to keep trying. It’s an important life skill and we’ve been teaching it well for years!


• If you want to reach your camper’s counselor during the camp day, call the office at 215-598-7143 and we will gladly relay your message. Please do not TEXT or CALL your child’s counselor directly during the camp day. Our counselors are busy watching children and we have asked them not to check their phones during the day.
• Don’t forget about our Open Visitation Policy—Camp families are welcome to visit any camp day through the end of week 7 between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm.
• Early and Late Care is available from 7:30 am—6:00 pm sharp. Please call the office if you will need this service.
• While it never rains at Briarwood, in the event of a passing shower, please send your camper with the appropriate rain gear should the forecast call for rain.
• Apply sunscreen daily prior to coming to camp.
• Did you miss a Bugle? You can find all of this summer’s Bugles on the front page of our website.


Senior Staff:
Brandon Lloyd

Junior Staff:
Bryce Miller


Nature News: Week 3 Is Tie Dye Week by Jennifer Segal
Week 3 is Tie Dye Week! All campers should bring in something white (like a t-shirt or socks or a pillowcase) to tie dye. Tie Dye Completion Instructions:1. Leave tie dye in the plastic bag for a minimum of 24 hours for the tie dye to set. 2. Wearing gloves (or even a plastic bag over your hands), remove the tie dye from the bag, remove all rubber bands. 3. Rinse in cold water until the water runs clear. This can also be done by running it through a short wash cycle with NO soap. 4. Wash separately with laundry detergent and dry. 5. You are now ready to wear your spectacularly awesome creation!

MONDAY (7/8)- Disney Day
TUESDAY (7/9)-Crazy Hat Day
WEDNESDAY (7/10)-Hawaiian Day
THURSDAY (7/11)-Sports Team Spirit Day
FRIDAY (7/12)-School Spirit Day


Hello Busy Bee families! My name is Alexis McNulty and I will be your child’s science and cooking teacher this summer. I have worked very hard to plan super fun, hands-on activities for the Busy Bees. Each art-infused, science activity is opened with a Read Aloud and then it’s off to the Bee Hive to learn and explore!
So far, we have learned all about colors and what happens to each when mixed with another. Ask your Busy Bee how we mixed our colors. To connect cooking with science, in week one we made Rainbow Fruit Kebabs. This week, we are learning how things grow and planting our own pumpkins for Halloween. We are also bringing home carrot and radish seeds to plant with our families. Be sure to plant your pumpkin seed in a larger pot when it comes home. Pumpkins planted in early July are perfect for harvest in October. To connect our planting activities with cooking this week we are making Dirt Cups. These Busy Bees LOOOOOVE eating dirt (chocolate mousse)!!!
We have SO MUCH fun ahead of us! Next week we will discuss ocean creatures and create banana boats and banana sushi. After that, we are learning about chemical reactions and cooking up delicious treats. We will also learn about spiders, gravity and so much more!! As a bonus, I always have homemade play-dough and fun things to hide in it if time allows. It is so exciting to watch all their little faces light up each week while engaging in these activities.

Soaring with the Hawks! By Jeremy Lyons

Week 2 is in the books, yet it feels like the entire summer has flown by! These Hawks are an energetic, loud, and fun group of kids. While small in size, they make waves throughout ALL 30 acres with their screaming, singing, and giggling. This group of boys is bursting with talent! Rocky and Jacob are our stud fisherman, helping raise our fishing total to over 60 fish in just 2 weeks. Mikah, Evan, and Chase are always tearing it up in the gaga pit. Dylan and Daniel are big power hitters when they come to the plate in wiffle ball, while Jack can beat anyone in a singles match on the tennis court. Brandon and Ashton are always finding ways to make everyone laugh. Special shout out to Bryce, our amazing Junior Counselor (JC), as well as for Ryan (Super CIT) and Max, Sam, and Jeff (CITs). Overall, these rambunctious 3rd graders are one of a kind. There is never a dull moment with the Hawks!


Lexi Albuck is celebrating her 15th summer at Briarwood and her first summer as a senior counselor. Lexi can be found leading the Sparrows as they fly all over camp. Lexi, a student at Temple University, is studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. Lexi’s favorite things about Briarwood (besides the pickles) are being with her campers and her Briarwood family.

Shannon Block joins the Briarwood staff as a senior counselor at Art. Shannon is a graduate of Bloomsburg University where she majored in Human Resources. Shannon’s favorite thing about Briarwood is the Arts and Crafts Room (obviously!) People would be surprised to learn she can ride a unicycle!

Ryan Greenberg joins the Briarwood family as a senior counselor at Sports. Ryan, a student at Temple University, is enjoying his first summer at Briarwood and loves spending time outside. Ryan’s favorite food is pizza and enjoys watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Rachael Zucker started making Briarwood her summer home as a 5 year old Fawn in the Busy Bees. This summer, Rachael is a first year senior counselor with the Sparrows. During the off season, Rachael is a student at Temple University. Some people would be surprised to learn that Rachael has a twin brother!