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Camper on the zip line

Briarwood Bugle 2018 – Week 5

Mike & Matt


Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in amazing Technicolor here!

Briarwood Bugle 2018
Week 5

From Matt and Mike

It has been another amazing week at spectacularly awesome Briarwood Day Camp! Our Camp Gaga Tournament was a hit. Bring-A-Friend Days were a success, the Briardome (mostly) held out, intercamp games were a lot of fun, the CITs had an awesome day at the beach, the Super CITs loved their 3 day adventure to Williamsburg and our “regular” camp stuff continued to amaze and astound! We ended the week with Goofy Day today and, well, it certainly earned its name!
Next week is the Busy Bee Show—always a crowd pleaser featuring Briarwood’s cutest! Carnival is next week, too. Should be fun! Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, July 31st

Thursday, August 2nd-CARNIVAL

Ceramics Night-Friday, August 10th 3:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Briarwood Overnighter-August 3-5-Open to all campers entering 3rd Grade

The super cits Storm Williamsburg By Dan Feldgus

After 3 days together, Orli, Paul, and I can safely say we love our Super CITs. What an amazing time we had these past few days. We wasted no time having fun as in day one we went directly to Busch Gardens. What a park! We rode incredible coasters, dodged raindrops, and laughed our heads off (when we weren’t screaming with excitement).
On day two, we headed to Water Country, USA. What fun. We raced, we lounged down the Hubba-Hubba Highway, and we screamed down slides that dropped us straight down. You think that would be enough. Nope. We went into Williamsburg to see some colonial re-enactments, went back to Busch Gardens to get back on our favorite rides, had a pizza party at our hotel, AND THEN went to go-karts!! THAT WAS THE BEST DAY!!
Before heading back home, we took in the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown and watched a cannon demonstration, and learned about colonial life as well as the war.
All of this was sandwiched between two van rides filled with singing, more laughs, and some great bonding. This trip. These Goats. Memories to last a lifetime. Huzzah!


Senior Staff: Jen Rivel
Junior Staff: Jessie Gottlieb


Fabulous Flamingos by Merri Kurman

Merri Kurman’s Flamingos are the sweetest girls around, all the way over in Lower Camp is where they can be found.

The summer of 2018 is about memories, laughter and fun, now I’ll introduce all of these 8 girls, each and every one. Brielle is great sculpting with clay, while Fay loves nature and wishes she could visit the adorable bunny everyday.

Stella is our gaga star, At soccer, Chloe can kick the ball really far. Twisting and turning and rocking to the beat, Emily thought our dance show was really neat. Emily and Addison love to swim in the pool. On those hot summer days what a better way to keep cool. Abigail soared through the air with ease. She makes going down the zip-line look like a breeze.
Without our JC Carly we wouldn’t have so much fun, she has a lot of energy while being out there in the hot sun. I am sad to see the first five weeks of camp fade away, But will definitely enjoy the next three weeks with my Flamingos and think about the fun we will have everyday!!


It is hard to believe that we are halfway through the camp season! There is a never a dull moment with these 13 fun, rambunctious 5th graders. Each camper brings us a different talent around camp. Beck, probably short for Odell Beckham Jr., is an absolute beast on the football field. Logan and Matthew are our hockey professionals, while Robert and Grayson net some beautiful goals on the soccer field. Elias is a pure shooter on the basketball court, whereas Jack is our top shooter at Archery. Steven and Shane are our top fishermen, with Steven catching a big bass this past week at Nature. AJ has come a long way from last summer, now able to do a perfect dive in the deep end of the pool. Aiden is our under-the-radar athlete, given that he’s only been at camp for a few days! You will never see Hugh separated from his blue Frisbee, unless it’s soaring in the air towards Jacob for an amazing catch. We may be crazy and we may be weird, but we are the BEST at being crazy and weird! These kids are a lot to handle, and that’s why I truly appreciate the remarkable help I receive from our JC Brendan Cohen, Super CIT Bryce, and CITs Daniel and Josh. If you can’t find us, we are probably on the drama stage doing Fortnite dances!

Busy Bee-Marc G.
Lower Camp-Mathew P.
Upper Camp-Matthew D.
Senior Camp-Aiden S.

We return with profiles of more senior staff members at Briarwood Day Camp

TAYLOR KOPEW is celebrating her 15th summer at Briarwood. Taylor can be found having the best summer as senior counselor to the awesome Cheetahs. During the off season Taylor attends Penn State. Taylor’s favorite thing about Briarwood is Color War.

JEREMY LYONS has made Briarwood his summer home for 16 seasons. This summer Jeremy is a first year senior counselor to the Cobras. Jeremy will begin his sophomore year at the University of Delaware in the fall. People would be surprised to learn that Jeremy can beat box!

DANNY GLICKMAN is celebrating is 15th summer at Briarwood. Danny is senior counselor of the dynamic Dolphins. During the off season Danny is a student at Penn State Schreyer Honors College. Danny is a chemistry major and hopes to be a doctor someday. Danny’s favorite thing about camp is Color War (we are sensing a theme). If he were an animal, Danny would be a sloth so he could sleep 20 hours a day!