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Camper on high ropes course

Briarwood Bugle 2018 – Week 7

Mike & Matt


Check out our latest Briarwood Bugle! You can read it below or see it in color and with pictures here!

Briarwood Bugle 2018
Week 7

From Matt and Mike

It was yet another amazing week! (Can you believe it? Actually, we can.)
Color War ended spectacularly, as always. We have such tremendous campers and staff. Congratulations to the Gold Wild Islanders!
We wanted to highlight something about our Color War events because it is at the core of our philosophy. Our activities are designed so that every camper is involved and gets to shine. Through a wide variety of events, different campers kick, swim, dance, run, throw, sing, climb, run, carry, pour water (it’s a long story) and—most importantly—cheer for each other and have fun all over camp. It’s wonderful, affirming stuff. And what a great display of friendship, togetherness and family we had after today’s Songfest! We’ve got so many awesome things planned for next week (see below for just a taste). Can’t wait!


Tuesday, August 14th at 10:30am

You’ll flip for Briarwood’s Gymnastics Show!
Tuesday, August 14th at 11:30 am


The Drama Club Proudly Presents The Little Mermaid Jr.
by Mindy Rubinlicht

Our 2018 production of Little Mermaid Jr. will take place next week at the Briarwood Stage. Our amazing cast tells the story of Ariel (Brandi) and her journey to become human so she can be with Prince Eric (Jacob). With a little help from Ursula (Caroline), Flotsam and Jetsam (Hayley and Jordyn), Ariel is able to become human. Unfortunately the spell comes at a cost and Ariel does not have a voice to communicate. She is helped out by her friends Sebastian (Izzy), Scuttle (Kaegan) and Flounder (Amanda) as she travels on this journey. Our awesome Mersisters (Emmi, Isla, Chloe, Carly, Briana and Madden), Seagulls (Carly and Mollie), Narrators (Addison and Aliza), and King Triton (Hailey) complete this singing and dancing cast. Check out our performance on Tuesday at 10:30!

Senior Staff: Ben Segal
Junior Staff: Ryan Albuck
Nate Frankel

And the
Color War Winner is…

Wild Islanders

The Doves Nest By Sydney Sorkin

Welcome to the Doves Nest! Briarwood 2018 has been amazing for the 5th grade Doves. We’ve had a really fun summer, especially when we’re at the rock wall, in the art room, or on the Newcomb court! Our bunk is full of unique girls who all have their special interests and talents. Mia and Olivia have spent the summer crafting away in art club. Alyssa and Alina have climbed the rock wall a countless number of times, while Hayley jumped off the “leap of faith” all summer long! Lola and Izzy have brought out their best gaga skills and Maddy has been a newcomb rock star! Some of our best swimmers include Briana, Emmi and Sammie. Gianna and Ellie showed us just how fast they can run in the all camp steeple chase this week! Summer, Chloe and Emily have also impressed us with their creativity down at nature! Some of our girls have even started a group called “The Acapella Doves”!! We are looking forward to watching them perform for us next week! Another thing we are excited for is seeing many of our Doves perform in the drama show. We can’t wait to finish the year strong! Sydney Sorkin (SC), Sydney Roberts (JC), Sophia Levy (SCIT), Shayna Feldgus (CIT)

Staff Spotlight

PAUL RICHMAN is enjoying his 13th summer at Briarwood. Paul, a teacher in the School District of Philadelphia, is senior counselor to the awesome Super CITs. If Paul could be an animal he would be a hippo. People would be surprised to learn (or maybe not) that Paul once went to the airport for vacation on the wrong day!
DAN LEVY is celebrating his 16th summer at Briarwood Day Camp. This summer Dan is senior counselor to the Bobcats. During the off season Dan is a student at West Virginia University. If he could go anywhere he would go inside the jumper to see what it looks like (interesting).
SYDNEY MILLER is having an awesome summer at Briarwood as a Super Utility Professional. Sydney, a student at West Chester University, started making Briarwood her summer home when she was just 5 years old.
JESS HOFFMAN can be found instructing swim and soaking up the sun as a lifeguard at the upper pool. Jess is a student at Duquesne University. Her favorite food is Briarwood mac & cheese. Jess played the viola in the White House, Carnegie Hall and Greece in her high school orchestra.
ALYSSA VEIT is a first year senior counselor at the Rock Wall/Ropes. Alyssa, a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, is a combat medic in the Army National Guard. (Amazing!!)