We are now enrolling for 2024 Click here for dates and rates.
We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Boys at lunch

Feeding the Picky Eater at Day Camp

Mike Green

Owner / Director

Parents worry about their kids. It’s understandable (we’re parents, too). At camp, one frequent worry is about food: “Is my son eating?” “Is my daughter eating enough?” “My daughter only eats yellow foods – will there be things for her to eat?” “My son gets hungry sometimes. Will he be able to have seconds if he’s still hungry?”

At Briarwood Day Camp, we’ve got it all under control.

We serve lunches that kids love. You can see a sample menu here but the idea is that we serve healthy, kid-friendly food every day. Our “main” course might be Mac & Cheese or Pizza Bagels or Hot Dogs or Popcorn Chicken. Every day we ALSO serve salad (with protein available), yogurt, cheese sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Getting seconds of anything is never a problem. We serve fresh fruit for dessert and a snack at the end of the day.

We are very attentive to allergies and other dietary restrictions and we are dedicated to making sure that all dietary needs are met.

Even our pickiest eaters find something to eat every day at Briarwood! The combination of tasty food, wide choices, positive role modeling by our staff – and, let’s face it, our campers are HUNGRY after running, jumping, swimming and playing – means that no one goes home without eating enough. And who knows? Your picky eater may come home with a better attitude, expanded palate and might even have some new requests! We’ve seen it happen!

Want to learn more about Briarwood, our menu or anything else about summer camp? Call us at (215) 598-7143. We love to talk about camp!