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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Boys cheering during water sports activity

A Thank You Letter To Briarwood Day Camp

Devyn Sax


30 acres of fun in the sun!

Dear Briarwood Day Camp,

Wow, crazy to really think about the time we have had together. You have been like a home to me for about eight years now. You have given me some of my closest friends and some amazing memories. Looking back at my first summer here in 2009, I didn’t have many friends. I had just switched over from a different camp that had recently closed its doors. I was a bit nervous, but I knew I would make friends just fine. One summer flew by and I had made so many memories, too many to name. The people who had befriended me that summer are now some of my closest friends. Flashing forward now to 2016, as a senior staff member, I am now a part of an even bigger part of this camp.

From the outside looking in, you think that camp is great because of the swimming pools or the fun arts and crafts we get to make. What I really realized was that this camp was so special because of the people who made it up. The campers look forward to camp each and every summer because of these amazing staff members. Of course, the campers make it awesome too! This is like home to the kids just as much as the adults. People have spent years here, sent their own kids here and will continue doing so. This camp also has some of the coolest activities to name. For example, the Jumper which is a huge inflatable trampoline or the Zoom Floom; a huge slip ‘n’ slide…when I say huge I really mean huge. The food for lunch is always a hit. Some fan favorites are the mac ‘n’ cheese and the bagels. Pickles are always a hit, some campers love them so much they drink the pickle juice plain!

Anyways, this camp has brought me to some of the most amazing people l have ever met. I hope that one day when l have a family of my own, that I will be able to send my kids here. They will create memories and gain many friends. This place is my getaway eight weeks of the summer and I could not imagine not having a more special place to call my summer home. So with that, I leave you with this. Thank you, Briarwood Day Camp, for giving me 30 acres of fun in the sun and SO MUCH MORE!


Devyn Sax