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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Camper playing basketball

The Importance of Sports at Camp – Even If You Don’t Like Sports

Briarwood Day Camp


Most people associate sports with summer camp.  And, yes, sports are a part of most camps. Sometimes we meet families who tell us that their son or daughter is not athletic or doesn’t like sports so they don’t think camp is a good idea. Here’s the thing – summer camp IS a good idea, whether or not your child likes sports.   

At Briarwood Day Camp, we don’t care if your camper is an athletic star or not. Sports have many benefits for kids and nearly ALL are independent of being talented. 

Being Active Promotes Good Health and a Lifetime of Good Health Habits 

We all know how crucial movement and fitness is to good health. Sports at camp – whether it is soccer or basketball or rock climbing or jogging or swimming or capture the flag or anything else – help kids stay fit and healthy, active and off their screens. Keeping kids active in their youth promotes a healthy lifestyle when they get older. 

Sports Promote Open-Mindedness, Tolerance, and Social Awareness  

At Briarwood, campers get to try many different sports and they can see what moves them (pun intended).  Some might really enjoy tennis. Others might love archery. Still, others might love volleyball or flag football or gaga (or any of the many other sports kids can play at camp). Some kids who believe they’re unathletic find that they enjoy and maybe are even good at a sport they hadn’t considered before. Equally importantly, kids at camp can see that Jimmy or Sally have their own set of talents – “hey, I want Sally on my team for the archery competition!” At camp, kids learn to appreciate each other’s talents and recognize that everyone has something to contribute. 

Sports Teach Kids How to Work Together – Another Valuable Life Skill 

Sports teach lessons that are bigger than how to dribble or shoot or climb a wall. Kids who play sports learn perseverance, teamwork, and tolerance. 

At Briarwood Day Camp, your camper will get to try lots of different activities on his or her way to fun, fitness and hopefully a lifetime of good health habits. Want to find out more?  Give us a call at (215) 598-7143.