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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
kids at the top of the rock climbing wall

Three Reasons All Kids Should Try Rock Climbing

Briarwood Day Camp


Rock climbing and ziplining are part of what makes a full-day camp experience so great. At Briarwood Day Camp, we’re glad to offer kids the opportunity not only to swim and play and create and make lifelong friends but also to try things they’ve never tried before and maybe to find a passion they didn’t know they had. But besides being a TON OF FUN, what makes rock climbing and ziplining at our adventure course good for kids?

1.) Rewards Courage, Motivation and Grit

Let’s face it – climbing a 40-foot rock wall can be intimidating for some kids (we have a lower rock wall, too, and many kids enjoy that). One of the benefits of camp, though, is that campers can see their peers achieve goals and visualize themselves achieving these goals, too.  Kids who are afraid to climb the big rock wall at the beginning of the summer can – with the aid of our wonderful staff – get motivated and set goals about how and when they will try to climb the wall.  

Sometimes it takes them one week, sometimes it takes them more.  But almost all kids make it up the wall if they decide to try. Besides, most kids see the zipline at the top of the big rock wall as the super fun reward for making it to the top. Concerned parents, don’t worry – we have certified rock wall specialists who secure our rock climbers into harnesses to climb the rock wall and our climbers wear helmets, too.

2.) Builds Strength

Do you think it’s easy to climb a rock wall?  No! But our campers can do it and they get stronger when they do it.  Since they are harnessed while climbing, our staff can assist them as needed if their strength starts to falter.  But, you might be surprised by what kids can do!

3.) Encourages Goal Setting and Builds Confidence

Climbing our rock wall is a challenging but conquerable task. For some kids, the goal is simply to make it to the top of the rock wall.  Once that challenge is met, kids may try to climb faster or see if they can use a more difficult route to get to the top. Kids see that hard work and goal setting pays off.  We love to see our campers thinking creatively and trying to challenge themselves!

Interested in learning more about our adventure course or anything else at Briarwood Day Camp?  Give us a call at (215) 598-7143 or email us at info@briarwooddaycamp.com.  We love this stuff!