kids learning to swim at Briarwood Day Camp

Three Reasons Why Swimming Lessons are Important for Kids

Briarwood Day Camp


Everyone should know how to swim.  Swimming is a life skill – and it’s fun! Teaching kids to swim early and making it entertaining helps to create a lifetime of opportunities for our children to experience the world.

1. Swimming Keeps Kids Active

Adults know that few kinds of exercise are better than swimming.  Swimming involves all muscles in a low impact way. Swimming is a great total body workout that helps kids develop strength and coordination without realizing they’re doing so. Plus, swimming is a fitness activity you can do for life – people can swim from ages 3 to 93 (or older!).

2. Learning To Swim Keeps Kids Safe

Swimming is a life skill that everyone should have.  Whether it’s neighborhood pool parties, class picnics, beach trips, family vacations or something else, kids will undoubtedly be exposed to the opportunity to swim in a pool, lake or ocean.  As their friends swim – or leave the shallow water – or go down a pool slide – or jump into the ocean – we want our kids to be able to join them safely. Swim lessons make that possible.  

3. Swimming Boosts Self-Confidence

Learning to swim is not always easy.  Swimming takes practice. But when you learn a new skill you didn’t have before, whether it’s blowing bubbles in the water, the front crawl, safe diving, the breaststroke or anything else, you become more confident not only in your ability to be safe in the water but also in your ability to face obstacles and challenges and overcome them.  Kids who learn to swim develop confidence and resilience.

At Briarwood Day Camp, our Red Cross certified lifeguards have more than 80 years of combined experience teaching our campers how to swim. Interested in learning more? Call us at 215 598 7143!