Briarwood Gazebo Boys

What To Expect On the First Day Of Summer Camp

Mike Green and Matt Frankel

Owners / Directors

Many first-time campers can be a little nervous about going to camp (and sometimes their parents are nervous, too). Kids can worry about what happens when they get to camp, what the other campers in their bunk will be like and what they’ll do during the day.
These are normal concerns.

At Briarwood Day Camp, we’ve been welcoming new campers with smiling faces and open arms since 1986. We – and other camps like us – know how to make new campers feel at home and part of the family right away.
So what do we tell new campers they’ll find at camp?


There are always smiling counselors excited to greet you when you get to camp. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to go on the first day. Our counselors know where you’re supposed to go and they’ll help you get there. And after a few days, you’ll be an expert and know where everything is too!


Camp is full of kids who are looking to have fun and make friends. You’ll make lots of friends with kids your age and you’ll get to meet kids who are other ages too. Even if you’re new, you’ll probably know people at camp, either from school or from karate class or dance class or little league or other activities that you do. Our counselors are great at introducing our new campers to everyone and making them feel included and helping them to have fun.


Camp is heaven for kids! There are so many fun things for kids of all ages to do at camp and so many new things to try! At Briarwood, we have sports from basketball to soccer to softball. We have creative arts from arts and crafts to ceramics to drama. We have exciting and fun activities from archery to gymnastics to our rock wall and zipline (and SO MUCH MORE). We have gaga. Every kid gets to have fun in the pool. Camp is fun in the sun!

Summer camps know how to make new campers feel at home. Have more questions about Briarwood Day Camp or camp in general? Feel free to call us at (215) 598-7143 or send us a message and we’ll be happy to talk about camp. It’s what we love to do!