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We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
Climbing tower and rope ladder

Why Getting Kids Outside is Important at PA Summer Day Camp

Mike Green and Matt Frankel

Owners / Directors

Kids need fresh air.  They need to move around.  They need to interact face to face.  To borrow a phrase from a local car dealership, “Now, more than ever . . . “ 

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why it’s important for children to spend time in the great outdoors, especially in the summer. 

Kids Need Fresh Air and Exercise

Exercise is crucial for kids – it helps them to learn their bodies, to build strength, to appreciate the feeling of exertion and to see the correlation between effort and achievement.  Every girl and boy who spends time outside in a camp environment can find something to enjoy.  Also, parents know that fresh air usually helps kids sleep better, too (and that’s always a good thing).

Kids Find It Easier and More Natural to Socialize in an Outdoor, Less Rigid Environment

The pandemic has spawned too many burned out, screen-zombied, lethargic, non-socialized kids.  Getting our summer day campers outside and unplugged allows them to connect to each other and learn to relate to their peers in a natural, unforced environment.  

You Can’t Appreciate Nature Unless You’re In It – and Kids Need to Be in It

Kids build memories that they carry with them for life.  The feel of cut grass in your feet.  The smell of the pool.  The slipperiness of a fish just caught in the lake.  The wind on your face (and the view!) at the top of the rock wall.  Kids don’t learn to appreciate these things by watching them on TV or by their parents telling them – they learn to appreciate them by experiencing it themselves.  Summer day camp gives kids the opportunity to feel, smell, touch and experience all of these wonderful outdoor sensations.

We Help Kids Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Briarwood Day Camp

Summers are times for kids to run around, make new friends, and be outside.  At Briarwood, we offer unplugged fun in the sun.  All of our kids spend enough time on screens – when they get to Briarwood they will run, laugh, play, swim, boat, jump, smile, laugh and more – all in the fresh, clean air.  Want to know more?  Call us at 215-598-7143 or email us at office@briarwooddaycamp.com.