We are now enrolling for 2024 Click here for dates and rates.
We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.

Why You Should Send Your Child to an All Around Camp Instead of a Specialty Camp

Mike Green

Owner / Director

As parents, we all want what’s best for our kids. Summer offers a broad range of possible camp options for your child. Soccer Camp, Science Camp or Lego Camp. Horseback Riding Camp, Surfing Camp or Art Camp. Here’s why you should send your child to an all around camp like Briarwood Day Camp.

An All Around Camp Like Briarwood Helps Your Child Be Well Rounded

Kids need to grow. And what do we really want for our children? We want them to grow into well rounded, well adjusted adults. All around camps like Briarwood help kids do that.

So your star soccer player? She can go to Briarwood, play soccer and learn how to make a pinch pot in ceramics, too. Your aspiring actor? He can star in Briarwood’s summer show and also zip line down from the top of the rock wall. Your dedicated basketball player? He can shoot buckets at Center Court and then go catch fish in the lake. Your tireless backstroker? She can do her morning laps in the Upper Pool and then do cartwheels at gymnastics or shoot bullseyes at archery or crush softballs on upper field . . . well, you get the idea. At Briarwood, our kids get to do LOTS of fun things.

If you send your child to a specialty camp, he or she won’t get so many wonderful opportunities to try new things (and maybe discover new passions!). Trying new things – especially in a supportive, supervised environment like Briarwood – will help your child thrive and grow.

An All Around Camp Like Briarwood Is Easy for Parents, Too

Sure, we’ve written about this before (click here) but, at Briarwood, we’re also interested in making things easy. Different from specialty day camps, we provide transportation, we serve lunch, we have multiple pools – with pool slides!
Awesome! And easy!

Want to learn more about Briarwood Day Camp and how camp will be great for your camper(s) and for you? Reach out to us at (215) 598-7143 or office@briarwooddaycamp.com. Or check out all of the things a full-service day camp has to offer at https://www.briarwooddaycamp.com.