We are now enrolling for 2024 Click here for dates and rates.
We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.

The Best Things About Working at a Summer Day Camp

Mike Green (and staff!)

Owner / Director

Working at a summer day camp is the best job you’ll ever have.  Our staff agrees!

We asked some of our staff what is the best part about working at Briarwood Day Camp.  All of them used phrases like “Fun!”  “Fun filled.”  “A blast.”

Then they elaborated.  Here are some of the other things they said were the best parts about working at Briarwood:

Working with other staff

“Meeting people from other schools.”  – Emma C.

“The camaraderie.” – Nate F.

“Something about being at a summer camp creates a special bond.”  – Emily L.

“You get to interact with your peers who are all amazing and have the same positive attitude.” – C.J. H.

“Briarwood’s staff is so welcoming to the first year staff.  I remember when I was a first year staff member.  I was so nervous not knowing anybody but I was immediately so accepted and welcomed into this amazing community.”  Stu B.

The campers

“Putting a smile on kids’ faces.” – Emma C.

“To see hundreds of campers leave camp each day happy and healthy is one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and one I urge people to enjoy.”  – Nate F.

“Every day the campers arrive with smiles on their faces, anticipating the fun filled day ahead.”  – Alexis F.

“Kids – ABSOLUTELY ADORE THEM.  For someone who hopes to be in the education field one day, this is a great opportunity to work with children one on one.  You create such a bond and become an ‘older sibling’ to them.”  – Emily L.

The job requirements

“My job was simply to help campers have the most amount of fun possible (in the safest way possible, of course).”  – Billy R.

“I love to be active and outside and camp is the perfect place for both of those things.”  – Eli F.

“Camp counselors get a level of responsibility and freedom that is not available at the average summer job.”  – Billy R.

“Staff can be artistic, funny, athletic, goofy, creative and anything in between – if you are a good person, you will be championed at Briarwood and your voice will be heard.”  – Nate F.

“I think I was the tannest I’ve ever been!  Something about being outside and not just sitting inside on your phone hits differently.”  – Emily L.

“Swim time!”  – Emma C.

“The hours are GREAT.  No nights, no weekends.  Great for high school and college kids!”  – Emily L.

“I get to be a camp counselor who spends his days outside in a beautiful environment, helping kids become the best version of themselves.  It’s a dream come true.”  – Stu B.

Color War

(don’t know about Color War?  Click here for a quick explainer)

“Color War – my favorite event of the summer!  Hands down so memorable.” – Emily L.

“Working as a team in Color War.”  – Emma C.

“Color War is a week you will never forget.”  – Eli F.

And in conclusion . . .

“The best way to spend your summer!”  – C.J. H.

“I have yet to find a more rewarding job.”  – Nate F.

“The best thing about working at a day camp is the community that develops among the counselors and the campers, hearing the laughs radiating all around camp.”  – Alexis F.

“It’s more than just the hours you spend playing games and doing activities.  It’s the late night trips to Applebee’s where you talk about everything happening and how everyone is doing.  It’s the nights spent planning for Color War when everyone gets to pitch their ideas and relax while making sure the kids are going to have a great summer.  Camp is about a community of people coming together and welcoming everyone to have a great time with each other.  Briarwood Day Camp has offered me so many opportunities to grow as a person.  Camp, to me, is the most meaningful place on the planet.”  – Stu B.


Sure, there are lots of summer jobs in Bucks County.  But how many Bucks County jobs are memorable, meaningful and fun?  Shouldn’t you want a summer job where you look forward to the next day?

Join us for the summer of your life!  Go to our staff page and fill out an application!