We are now enrolling for 2024 Click here for dates and rates.
We are now enrolling for 2024! Click here for dates and rates.
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The Benefits of Sending Your Child to Summer Day Camp

Briarwood Day Camp


Summer is a gift. Long, warm days. Fresh air. No school. Less hustle, less bustle. Kids should be outside in the summer. Playing. Interacting. Engaging. Off their phones and off their video games and making friends and having fun.

Briarwood Day Camp has been providing kids with unforgettable and irreplaceable summers for more than 30 years. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of day camp.

Camp Keeps Your Kid Active, Healthy, and Well-Rounded

Camp lets kids be kids – they run around, they swim, they play.  They’re active. From basketball to rock wall to swimming, from archery to tennis to boating, from soccer to nature to gymnastics, our kids our outside and engaged.  They also participate in a fun, age-appropriate way in creative arts like art, ceramics, and drama. There’s something for everyone at our kind of camp – so many kids have discovered their passions at camp – and these are often activities like rock climbing or archery or pottery that they might have never tried without camp.

Our unplugged six-hour day is jam-packed with energy.  There is plenty of time for kids to be on their screens when they return home.

Camp is a Whole New Way to Make Friends

A great thing about camp is that kids get the chance to make friends outside their immediate bubble.  The new friends might be from the next elementary school or the next school district. They might be older or younger or the same age.  It’s so much fun for our campers when they go to the ice cream shop or when they have a little league game or when they move up to the next school and they can say, “Hey – that person was in my bunk!” or “I was in the camp show with her!” or “That guy was on my leagues team!” Camp makes great and lasting connections that way.

Camp also helps kids learn socially in a different way than they do throughout the school year.  Grouped together in small groups by age and sex and led by trained staff, our campers learn a lot (without realizing it) about teamwork skills, about how to get along together, and how to recognize and appreciate the best of what each other has to offer.

Camp Fosters Independence

Camp does a spectacular job of helping kids learn how to navigate their lives and begin to make decisions without their parents or teachers hovering over them.  Our trained staff (a mix of teachers, moms, college students, and high school students) provide the right mix of guidance so that kids can develop their own ideas and solve their own problems in a safe, controlled space.  As a result, many of our campers return to school in the fall much more skilled and much more confident in their ability to navigate social situations and to try to solve their own problems.

Briarwood Day Camp Helps Kids Be the Best Versions of Themselves

We are helping kids 3-15 get outside, be active, try new things, make friends and engage with each other.  Briarwood campers gain new skills, they become more confident and – most importantly – they grow as people. If you’re interested in learning more or enrolling at Briarwood Day Camp, please get in touch with us!  Contact us online or call us at 215 598 7143. Your child’s best summer ever awaits!